Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Toasty Alpacas...
Whipped up a pair of TOASTY mitts... in ultra alpaca - maybe I should type - Ultra Itchpaca? heeeee... Hopefully My sister doesnt agree(1) with that! They are for her! I shall wait and see. They worked up real super fast! A day or two of on-off knitting shall do it!

Now I have nothing on those needles again. I think i enjoy the HuNt for the next project almost as much as I enjoy the knitting/finishing! It's the CASTING-ON department that is not particularly fun for me! I start to think about how long it will take, and if I am doing the gauge... I think that I am "wasting" time -- when I could be knitting on the project..etc.. I am desperate to just get going with the darn project!

--Need to browse thru my faves on rav and see what I will tackle next!
If only my Woolgirl kit from DECEMBER! would arrive! Perhaps that will scratch the itch I have going on right about now? Who knows!

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Knitting Rose said...

I love ultra alpaca... I love alpaca... I don't care if it is itchy... it is sooooofffftttt..... :)
I don't do well with casting on either. I have to be at home and IN THE MOOD to cast on....