Sunday, July 28, 2013

Moving along

Ok, I'm moving along on my squirrelly adventure. I have to say, the yarn is by far... NOT the softest I have used. It's rather abrasive. Here's hoping for a miraculous turn around once it is plunged into some soapy water. (A girl can dream). No sense complaining any further about it. It was a great price for the kit. I have already blown through one skein. I kind of wonder if there will be enough to complete this sweater? 

The curling hem is quite bothersome, but I suppose that I can pass judgement until the finishing. Speaking of which, I'm super excited to try my hand at the faux side seam deal. Seems quite exciting. 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Ripped and gave in to the 3's

Well I finally mulled it over enough and stopped knitting with the wrong gauge. Now I'm on the size 3. It's coming along nice. I was concerned that it would be bulletproof but fortunately that is not the case. I did do a swatch in color work to check. I'm now on my decreases for the waist. 

I'm really still under the impression that this will be my rhinebeck sweater! We shall see. I got into a plying class and I'm thrilled. After SSK2013 I have the urge to take more classes. 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Swatched but not quite sure...

Well,, as I sit here in the waiting room of my daughter's dance studio, I am knitting along on the hem of my squirrelly goodness. Granted it doesn't look like much at the present time. And my gauge was not spot on. Initial cast on with recommended needle proved that designer and I do not share same stitch tension. I was off by two stitches. I dropped down one needle size and now I am only off by one. But I couldn't see myself knitting this with a 3,, so I'm sticking with this.
However as I sit here, and after my girl looked suspiciously at my 40" cable that holds said sweater... I'm second-guessing my choice to go with a size medium! Do I rip out or carry-on? My favorite sweater that I measured has negative ease. Come to think of it, I haven't tried it on lately. That sweater is an inch shy of this squirrel size small measurement. But it's not color work. Hmmm. Pondering. 
Perhaps I'm too indecisive to knit?
The difference between small and medium is 4".

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

the squirrelly goodness has arrived....

Ok, I got all confident during my time at SSK2013. So much so that I had allowed myself to be convinced to embark upon the squirrel sweater (craftsy: custom yoke sweater) that the lovely Susan B. Anderson showed during the design your own fair isle hat class. 

Whats wrong with me? What was i thinking? Oh well, no time for that now! I have a bag of yarn crying out to me. It is beckoning me to knit it up...  I am very carefully (for now) going through step by step of the online class. You know what that means right? Finding one of my sweaters and measuring it up, and then doing  a gauge swatch in the colors... yeah, we shall see how that goes. At best, if I tap out early, I can get some self adhesive velcro attached to the ball-bands and wear around the jumbled up skeins with pride? Ideally, in my fantasy world, I would love for this to turn out the be my Rhinebeck sweater! Wouldnt that be special? a girl can dream, right? Well lets see how this turns out... 

You going to stand by and watch this --train wreck--, I mean... this adventure of mine? I will keep you posted.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Chex it out!

Nook Sleeve without any velcro/flap... just a sleeve!

Zippered pouch! Love it!!!! Bring on the Spring!

Sweet Sleeve for the Nook!

Spicy goodness from a chip? Purple wrapper! Yeah!

Get the sensation! I have made more bags! Every once in a while I get on a roll with making these bags! I guess now would be one of those times! Funny though - I still haven't decided which sleeve to use for my NOOK? Hmmm...
I need a change though - a different wrapper.... I am on a hunt! Yep... got a couple more to list soon. -- Too fun!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Ax the cheesy Nook case:

I am soo excited about my NEW NOOK from Barnes and Noble!!! Yippee!!

Check out that case I made with recycled wrapper!!! Wow! Saving the planet with a NOOK which diminishes some of the paper waste (in printing of books) and also emphasizes the eco friendly point even more with this repurposed case!!
It's padded with a 1/4" thick cotton batting, but I am wondering if a FELT sheet would be better? I dont particularly know about the thickness factor though? Hmm... I guess i will have to do some investigative work. At any rate, I am having a blast making these!
I made two more tonight! Yeah! I will list them at some point this weekend!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ode to the Almond Joy!!
I remember back in my youth, that the Almond Joy and Mounds candies were pretty popular choices! My dad happens to favor the nutty option. Actually that speaks much of his personality, good-natured and joyful! Not that I am saying anything against those that prefer the moundalicious goodness... no, nonsense. Heeee... Now dont read too much into this post of mine, I am just having a little fun! Speaking of post/posting.. I posted the Almond Joy bag on my etsy shop - HeyDigThatBag - It is perfect for toting around those sock dpns! I should go ahead and make another for myself... which would mean having to buy yet another BAG of snack sized Almond JOY! What a sacrifice! heee... Maybe my good-natured pop will devour the treats and save me the trouble! Wow, imagine the day that my family and extended family decide to go all-natural in our food choice? Hmmm. I will convert tofu bags? Oh wait, is that even "all-natural"? I dont know what I am typing here... no, it's not from a sugar-rush, if that is what you are thinking!!! Enjoy the weekend.... I have a Barnes and NOble Nook being sent to me, and I cant wait to create COVERS/CASES for it! hahaha!!!