Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Hey Dig that BAG!

Pepsi Max...

Cracker Jack!- sold-

Cheetos!- gifted -

Hall of fame!

I love making these bags! They are so much fun to create! I have about 13 more waiting to be listed on my etsy shop! But, I think I shall post a bag a day! My goal is make 100 bags! Yes, I know, I am wacky! But it keeps me busy! Now I just have to decide which bag to post for today... dunkin donuts, almond joy, bliss, doritos.... hmmm..... so hard to decide!

Aside from the sewing, I have also been knitting:

These are plain vanilla socks from the Knitmore girls pattern. I used a berroco sock yarn that is a bit on the scratchy side..... but once on my tootsies - they will feel fine?!
I intend to knit up a pair for each dance competition that my daughter is in this year!

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