Thursday, November 20, 2008

Repeat 49 times!!!!
Good times over here! Yes sirreeee.... repeat the pattern 49 times..... yep..... still going on the scarf hoody thing.... Aching to get to the actual HOOD! To the short rows?? To practice and gain some skill... A part of me wonders IF I will be able to actually comprehend the process or wind up froggin my attempt at the hoodie and have a makeshift scarfie instead? Who knows! At least, at this point, I dont have to worry about being too overly confident and having that confidence thwart my wayward attempt to knit this accurately. We shall see what happens... how it all comes together. But we probably wont see me wearing it. hahah! Who knows though, I also was not comfortable bringing in my own reusable bags to the grocery store and now I practically COLLECT all different kinds to bring with me on my trips! ahahh!! So... who knows maybe I will even sport this REd-Riding-Hood-wannabe thang to the grocery store? heeeeeeee.... Speakin of wearing crazy hats, etc..... I saw that know the one with Seth Rogan... and make a P--no... etc.. Ok.. well.... yes, I couldn't believe the amount of CROCHET, KNIT in that movie!! The girl even had a RACK behind her door with all these scarves and hats hung on them... Poncho with crochet flower accents... I am talking over the top! Incredible! hahahaah! Kind of funny that I even look for those things. The last movie that I saw Seth Rogan in, Pineapple EXpress (mmmmmyyyy faaaaavvvvorite movie) ALSO had a crochet accent tucked within its depths... a LOVELy (hahaha) pink crochet toilet paper holder thing! ahhahahahaha!!!
Well..... enough of that..... keep stitchin!~

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Tatteredpage said...

The one time I took my own bag to the grocery store the bagger thought it would be fun to tease me about it. Grrr. But I think he was annoying everyone that day because even the cashier was trying to get rid of him!