Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Star crossed + redheart + DISTRACTIONS = FROG!
Ok... I began the Star crossed beret pattern: and it is a fairly easy one to follow.. Yes, that's the problem right there.. Can you detect it? Confidence! ahahahah! Shouldn't I learn by NOW -- NOT to get toooo overly confident in my knitting abilities? Especially when I take it so far as to TALK on the phone WHILE doing such cably patterns? Hmmm.. apparently not. I was trucking along... did the increase part... and embarking upon the ol' decreasy section.. and then wooosh! I got a little confused in my rhythm and fudged it! Forget it! It was a light purple REDHEART yarn, and I wasn't committed to the project.... just more or less enjoying the process... So, would i do it again? Yes, but under different circumstances... a better yarn, and less distractions or some sorta manipulative to dictate which decrease I was on, either the ssk, or the k2tog to make the project go more smoothly.
Now I am venturing into Carissa Knits hooded scarf.. will I wear this? More than likely NOT! But, it looks real neat! I'm using Moda Dea Washable Wool and honestly, it's very soft! The pattern calls for 49 repeats of this cable thing BEFORE we even can get into the short rows--which i mentioned earlier that I need practice in the short row dept. So, we shall see how it works out. If anything, it is aiding in the learning dept? Right?
I am a work in progress and enjoying the process of the work! So, having said that.. keep stitchin.

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