Saturday, November 22, 2008

Fuzzy mitten Lamb? hmmm....
What do you do with all those little balls of handspun yarn? You know... I am testing out the drop spindle thing.... and then comes my dilemna- uh, what exactly am I supposed to do with the minuscule balls that i produce? I did wind up plying my first singles.... I have NO CLUE as to whether it is done right or not. But while scanning through the pattern pages, I stumbled upon's Lamb... and i am thinking ADORABLE! This might do it... hee heee... I have to actually remember to MEASURE the chair back that I wrap with my next yarn adventure - and then I would KNOW how many yards are in my possession! Right?

I do have another bag of the squishy roving stuff to spin up. However, I almost didn't even buy it. The yarn shop that I wandered into, there was a older woman spinnin up some yarn on her wheel. Yep, and the shop owner directed me to her, so as she can impart her knowledge upon me. Unfortunately, she gave me--what felt like--- 50 lashings instead! She was asking me why I didnt just go and buy a wheel. (helllllllo recession, family of six...) I basically shared that we had no room for such a contraption and I wanted to take it slow. You want to know what her comeback was? She asked if I live in a TENT? heeeeeeee... Yep, quite "ballsy." I was taken aback, not everyone has room for a wheel in his/her home. I am sorry to say. We live in a cape cod home, NOT dormered out... one bathroom... and FOUR CHILDREN who are almost ALL TEENAGERS! Plus we have quite a menagerie of animals.. you know, a couple dogs and a few cats. All this can't really coexist with a wheel at the present time. I am LUCKY I was able to squeeze my treadmill in at the foot of my bed. So, yes, I was quite perturbed with her nonchalant attitude. Basically she was like: why bother spinning on a drop spindle??? She was by all means, poo poo-ing my efforts and practically shaming me! Oh well, to each's own! Maybe I can trade her a couple of my tribe for her glorious wheel? heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Just jokin around! I'm just sayin!
Keep stitchin.

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