Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ok--- Remember my last post? I was TRYING to convince myself of something.... a mantra that I was proclaiming... It's not itchy... well, I confess:
It IS itchy!!!!!! Hahah! Drat! Turtle necky goodness will have to be revisited BEFORE attempting to wear the Lacy Baktus! Grrrr... Live and learn. But it sure is pretty! ahahaah!
Converted my youngest back into the knitting scene. She is knitting up a scarf with Lamb's Pride -BULKY-. We both went to Stitches East - and I guess the wool fumes got to her. She picked a zauberball in purples and orange and had every intention of knitting that baby into a luscious scarf. But that idea became quite a flop when we took out the number 3 needles! Yep, time out for that - and on to the bigger needles for now - double digit needle size, please. I didnt want to burst her bubble right off the bat, plus I did fancy that colorway of the zauberball, so I knew it wouldn't really go to waste!

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