Saturday, November 14, 2009

uNbeknownst to me...

That the day after my last post, my family dynamics would drastically change. I know that I tend to use this blog as a KNIT or CrOCheT account; however I kind of NEeD to talk about the "elephant" in the room.

So... Please excuse this interuption of the yarny kind to update on what has become of my tribe. WE are nO longer a family of siX. We had to make an impromptu and most difficult decision to disrupt one of our long term foster placements after SEVEN years. It was an abrupt move on our part, but oddly enough it was also long overdue! Does that even make sense? Actually, does anything make sense anymore? Who knows! Eventually everything will fall into place and we will begin to see more clearly as to why this all had to occur? Until then, I guess I will pour myself into my distractions - aka knitting - crochet - sewing.

Got another Wallaby off the needles. This one is made with the clearance wool from Yarn Basket, Branford- CT. I believe it only cost a mere $6. or so? Yep! GReAT! The color happens to be my girl's fave!! Orange in nature, like the TaNG drink. YuM! heeee! She wore it immediately after I weaved in the last dangling piece of thread. Yeah!!

Now I have NOTHING, yes I did type NOTHING, on the needles or hooks! Yikes! there are plenty of woolgirl kits to dive into! AS a matter of fact, I did finish up the Hello Kitty yarn by stitching it up into the Very Plain Vanilla Socks. Let me be the first to tell you, that those socks are anything BUT very PlaIN! right? yikes! quite honestly, nothing about them screams hello kitty to me? NOTHING! Go figure.

I have been contemplating startin up a podcast again. But my confidence level has taken a toll. Not overly sure why? It's odd. Plus I have the equivalent of writer's block but in the podcasty sense. As much as I LOVE listening to others, not so sure that I have enough to say anymore! Plus they seemed to have brought some kind of jinx along with them...haha! I would start up as a way to combat my alone time.... and then for some reason or other... I would lack in my solitude by either layoffs of the darling hubby or suspension of a tribe member, or whatever! It was a wierdness. Yes.

The running habit is no longer a habit of mine. Sad to say. I was walking and now I am not even doing that. I need to get back into a more healthful mindset. As I know that I can do the HOUR LONG RUN... or at least at one point of my life, I could. HOwever I dont know if I want to revisit that particular quest again. The one hour was a little much for me. I didn't like how emmanciated (?is that even the right spelling/word?)that I started to appear. For someone who was trying to be more healthy, I gave off the appearance of someone malnourished. I needed more balance? Who knows! Too much information, right? I believe so. All I know is when I go from my mother "MOOOOOin" at my size, to her calling me "Annie"-short for anorexia... then I knew i had a problem. Or wait, perhaps she had the problem? Who knows. For what it's worth, I am going to have to seek once more that ~land of balance~ between proper nutrition and healthful exercise. Perhaps one day I will find what works best for me. Afterall, I am a work in progress.