Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Abandoned blog??
Hey, yeah- that what it seems like, right? Where did that Crochetlocket person go? Hmmm... well, I have been around. Just been distracted! Knitstracted? hahah! Maybe. I finished up a Lacy Baktus - made with the zauberball that I purchased from Madison Wool. This was a great way to use up (almost) the entire ball! Evidently the key must be to purchase a Kitchen, ehem YARN, scale BEFORE beginning the project! Not like I did, which was to buy the scale in a last minute scramble as I neared what I thought would be considered the half-way point of my yarn. Knit, knit, knit - til 50 grams then start up on the decreasing goodness. well, I was left with a little spot of yarn to treasure? toss? or use for instant stitch markers, etc. At any rate, now I am trying my best to convince myself that it is NOT itchy. . NOt ITCHY... how am I doing?

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