Sunday, January 04, 2009

Same dye lot... different town!
Yes! I am soo excited. Finished the lil' wallaby. That's number two for me! Got lucky and scored the same dye lot in a different town. Only two skeins of the yarn were in the store and ONE was my lucky number! wooo hooo!!! HOPEFULLY-- this will fit! That would be grand!

Now I have my sites on socks. Got to get a pattern that suits me... something that sparks my interest. Something that can distract me from the chaoticness of this homestead. Have I mentioned that a child with special needs can be rather distracting? Yes, I think I have. Oh well.. Such is life as a foster mom!

Joined Woolgirl's Sock Club... and I am most enthused about this! Can't wait, cant wait!!! Too exciting!!! Also ordered up a few sock yarns from her site... Waiting for them to arrive as well! Got to get my STASH up to par with the rest of the "jones'" right? heeeeeeee! Seriously, it is lacking. But I wont go too crazy in that department and my limited finances will help me to keep it under control.

This is a monumental year for me... a big *-0 age is coming around the bend...... and I want to make some spectacular resolutions. Haven't had too much alone time to sit and ponder. When the tribe goes back to their respective schools, then perhaps I will have a moment or two. We shall see.

One thing I do NOT want to forget is my youngest... on New Years eve... she was cleaning because I mentioned if the house is messy on the eve of the New Year.. it will be messy ALL YEAR.. So... as she hops to work and is cleaning up the kitchen... She blurts out... that this will be her New Year's REVOLUTION!!!!!!!! ahahhaha!!!!

on that note... I shall close this entry.

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