Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Self-imposed Knitting Marathon...
just came to a screeching halt! Yes, indeed people--- it's 12:31 a.m.... do you know where your yarn is? Mine is OUTTA HERE! I RAN OUT on the last INCH of the wallaby... If the cohabitants of the homestead were NOT in such deep slumber, I would be shouting out in all my angst! The Friggen Wallaby shall be unfinished....... I even did the tricky decrease of the hood to make it less pointy AND to ultimately use LESS yarn. Would I have run out IF I did NOT add an extra inch or so on the sleeves and body??? Of COURSE NOT! But, NOOOoooooo... I had to go and add ROOM TO GROW... and NOW I have NO MORE FRIGGEN YARN IN THE SAME DYE LOT!!!!!! That was my initial original problem..... I had to buy a maroon color with my blues.... cuz the store did not have anymore of the same dye lot... and uh, well, i opted out of the red stripes which WOULD HAVE SOLVED this dilemna!!! I would have been all set. BUT I listened to the youngest of my tribe, when she mentioned how terrible the color combination would turn out! Yep, I listened. Now, I have a ventilated hood feature in the wallaby --- until I can get to the store and grab more of the yarn... which I KNOW already will NOT be the same color way... Let's keep our needles crossed and whatever else you can cross in my favor..... so that the yarn is an acceptable combination... that the dye lots are so close - that it goes completely unnoticed??? hmmm.... let's hope!!!
Oh well.. all that lost sleep for naught!

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