Wednesday, January 07, 2009

One Sock on Two Circs..
two socks on one circ... sounds like the beginning of a Dr. Seuss Book. Why NOT, right? There is a Foot book.. But I am not sure that is an actual Dr. Seuss book? Hmm... But I do know that back in the day, when you signed up for the Dr. Seuss Book club deal thing... that the Foot Book was one of those books that were shipped to your door. Hmmm.. That was many moons ago - when my oldest was little and embarking upon story time. Enough of that intro. What's the deal? Where am I going with this? Well, finished up the Koigu one sock on two circulars....
what an incredibly BUSY looking sock! Whoa! I bought it cuz the colors stood out! But after balling it up, I was really questioning my decision. It's such a mass of color.. with no real rhyme or reason? Fortunately they shall be "hidden" within the depths of my outer footwear! There was NO option for a fingerless mitt with this colorway. Whoa!

I have been contemplating the TWO SOCKS on ONE. I have the book somewhere in this house? But I think I recall reading somewhere that there was an erratta for the book? Not quite sure? Maybe I dreamed it? Who knows, I guess I will have to investigate that further. For now, it's just a thought.

The Wonderful Wallaby-- my second venture into this pattern -- is done as well! Woo hOOO!!! SIZE FOUR - and I went with the rounded hood modifications. Plus I also joined the pocket with the kfb modifications. Turned out great, BUT not sure how it fits. Haven't handed it over yet.

Keep your needles crossed that it fits the recipient!!!
Hmm... time to comb through more patterns, ball up the other Koigu and cast-on that second sock!

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