Saturday, January 24, 2009

Had to be sure to post this, as I was so adamant about expressing my newfound love for the fabric softener sheet which was too eliminate the flyaway static on my lovely locks. Well... after taking out GREEN GOES WITH EVERYTHING by sloan barnett from the local library... I have reconsidered my decision. I dont know if it is purely coincidence... because many tribe members in my household have colds/congestion these days... but I was dealing with some major congestion.. and the information in the book states that these chemical laden sheets can cause such irritations, etc. Yep.. whatever the case, I am not going to be taking that chance anymore. So, look for me on the streets... I wont be hard to find, the one with the flyaway hair- BUT unstuffed nasal passages! ahahhaha!!!
I have begun the venture into this green-ness.... but not totally committed at this point. Just testing the waters. Trying to make a small difference. I am a BLEACH fanatic. Love to clean with it, and apparently that is not overall safe for the environment either. Just bought myself a handy dandy bottle of vinegar... and have begun to sample clean with it! My hubby automatically reported that it smelled like stinky feet! I was trying to sell my youngest tribe member by attributing the smell to Easter eggs? no luck! I dont know if I can sell the members of the household on this? But I shall give it a whirl. Roll with it for a while and see what unfolds.
Still haven't found another knitting project to dive into. I did try my hands at porphyria? Something like that. But now I am reconsidering knitting or attempting to knit anything that I can NOT actually pronounce? That might be a good idea? Who knows! All I know if that I must knit too tight because i could not finagle that knit into 3tog and then yo and do it again before removing from needle .. Yeah, right! Not happening! No such luck! So... I frogged it! Plus it was painstakingly hard to get involved in a fingering weight -sized 1 or 2 needle- project AFTER working on two speedy quick bulky weight -size 11 needle- project!!!!!!!! Gosh! I sunk myself. Sowed my own poison!

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