Monday, February 02, 2009

Time to Knit the Donuts!
Yes you read correctly I wrote, KNIT and DONUTS. Uh huh. That's what I did. Now I think I might have a knitting problem? What do you think? Hmmm... Why on earth does anyone (such as myself) need a knitted donut? If I had a little one to play with them... yes, definitely Knit them.. Knit a whole Army of them! But then... wait.. I got a brainstorm... what if they could be used for dancers? Uh, no... NOT some sick taunt.. hahah you can't eat a donut or you wont fit in your costume.... NO! NOt that ... BUT some dancers use what is called a donut ring... to bun up the hair! hmmm... So, yeah, now I have a REASON for knitting these crazy donuts! yep! Problem solved! ahahah! But mine are stuffed with some dump-cloggin grocery bags! Yes, i am sorta kinda being GREEN? Right?
Speaking of green, lately I have been using my reuseable bags at the grocery store! So, my house is not really sporting those plastic bags from the grocery store... rather they are from WALMART and such. Now if I could have the nerve to pop one of those bags into my already-jam-packed-purse.... I would be golden on my impulse shopping sprees! But then what I would i use to stuff my donuts? hmmm..
Since I am on the topic of greennneee.... I have been trying to utilize the whole baking soda and vinegar funarama in my clean festivities around my homestead. Let me tell you, I am still NOT fond of the aroma! Not really diggin that! Plus it just doesnt clean as well as my heavy duty bleachy bleach! But I haven't given up on it yet! I shall persevere! I will continue with this little green thang for a bit longer. Although I MUST confess - today I broke down and did have to resort to using a tad bit of the bleach (gasp) on the tough spots! I couldn't help it, I am a creature of habit. I feel so much better after confessing! I repent... Now I can move on... hee hee.
Any howzers! hope you are having a spectacular day/night whatever!
thanks for reading!
**** wait, I forgot! More knitting.... geesh... silly me. I almost forgot to tell you that I knit up a pair of hand huggers(?) I think that is what they were called. The infamous blue reclaimed yarn has yet another new repurpose in this lifetime! A nice pair of cabled fingerless mitts! I had to take down the pattern by eliminating 4sts. But that was quite easy to do! All in all i knit three, frogged one.. and woo-lah a pair for my dd to sport to school. A matchin set... hat, scarf, mitts... so far! All from one reclaimed - repurposed - yarn sweater! Yeah! Pictures will have to be at a later date, as those loverly mitts are at school with the child! Whoa! Child is WEARING the items and they are NOT on said child's bedroom floor! Now -that- is an accomplishment, right there!

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