Tuesday, January 20, 2009

...Interrupt this lull in bloggin to bring you:
a random sample of what has been keepin me busy...

aside from having the honor of touring special education schools in the hopes of finding just the right match for my middle d...(definitely NOT as easy as it sounds, but doable), plurking about random thoughts / actions (which makes this bloggin SEEM redundant and leaves me with this strange inkling that I am inadvertently repeating myself !- hence the hush hush of this here blogging arena)

uh, yeah,... anyhow...

take that and mix it up with the daily demands of raising the tribe - and tackling those intermittent- fantastic snow days/delay and the transportation issues that arise from such--- plus the "running habit" that I have been TRYING my darndest to get reorientated with and regimented about - again -... yep-- running toward the same darn spot on my wall for over a year now! wooo ! hee heee... Hey dont let my lack of enthusiasm fool you! I joke, but please know that I am grateful to be in good health to run - and - to have my very own treadmill!! - I should NeVER take that for granted.

I have been tracking over at http://www.dailymile.com/ feel free to join me... it's not as laborious as http://www.sparkpeople.com/ therefore, if you are more interested in the exercise regime and NOT necessarily the diet aspect of the whole deal, then I say to venture on over to the daily mile for a while. Give it a whirl! What do you have to lose? See if it is something that will give you a NEW outlook toward your running agenda. Hey, anything to keep it new/fresh! That works for me!

Speaking of NEw/Fresh... that WAVE i mentioned briefly is a heck of a lot of fun, but requires such a tremendous amount of skill and coordination.. it will take quite some time before i am able to master that contraption. But I sure am having a lot of FUN trying! It's like a toy you find at a playground! NO lie!

Ahem, er, yes... knitting.... knitting... what have i been knittting? I was combing through the patterns... and as I was looking, I was SHREDDING up a sweater or two. I am gettin much better at this acquired skill. The whole zip the crochet chain was a big mystery to me... and now it seems to make more sense. After a few mishaps, it seems to be settling better in the brain!
I even took the liberty of actually KNITTING SOMETHING with that yarn.... yep, that reclaimed yarn. REcycled yarn.
A loverrrrly cabled hat:

And a very EASY SMEASY scarf:

BULKY YARN... size 11 needles...

co 16--
1st row: (rs) p3 --k4/p2/k4- p3
2nd row: k3 -- purl 4/k2/p4 -- k3
3rd row: rep the last 2 rows once more....

5th row: p3--c4f- p2- c4b--p3
6th row: k3--p4-k2-p4--k3

repeat until the length = the height of recipient!

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