Saturday, December 13, 2008

Wallaby Sleeve Two...
I'm getting there. Got the body pretty much completed. Except I just keep hemming and hawing about how LONG to actually make this thing! The sleeves I want to be longer than the pattern suggests, only cuz I like when my sleeves can reach my knuckles. It's a security blanket type thing for me...which leads me to the brainstorm of perhaps adding a thumb hole? Hmmmm... But how does one put in an "afterthought" thumb? Not really sure. I will have to look into that possibility.

Got some yarn for the Bella's Mittens. However the yarn shop that I visited in Saybrook, CT did NOT have the Cascade 109-peruvian wool.... So, the nice associate guided me toward a substituteor two. The initial choice would have made for a lovely sandpaper feel to my already tattered hands. As it stands, I am currently not in the market for a mitten that will exfoliate my skin! The original pattern calls for a superish bulky.. and this sub is ARAN weightish. What's up with that? It's Berroco Peruvia. Hmmm... No sense worrying about that now. Not when I have such a huge project on the needles already! Must focus on that Wallaby FIRST! Then perseverate about these here mittens, right?

Sure, but then there is the issue of the missing stockings in our house. You know, you pack away the Christmas treasures, only to find that somehow - some of the menagerie has escaped from the boxes? Strange as it is, it's true. Seriously considering fashioning up a stocking or two. But we shall see how that goes. Time is of the essence and Christmas is quickly approaching!

My hands are sore, from the vice grip hold that I keep on the needles with this Wallaby Project. It's bothersome. But NOT so much that it will keep me from stitching along. Must finish. Must keep going! hee heee.... Can't lose my steam on this one. Keep your needles crossed that I actually do complete this HUGE undertaking for me! You know, though, if I do complete this... then whipping out a CHILDREN"s version will be a cake walk! That's all I have been doing lately, looking at completed projects of the Wallaby to get color ideas. Seriously considering repeating this pattern in a smaller size! I'm definitely addicted.

But I did buy soooo many new magazines... and Knitty. com has a new WINTER issue.... Soooo many project temptations, so little time.... AND (here's the main issue:) sooooo little in the stash! I have been successful in tearing apart a wool sweater from Goodwill.... finally getting the knack of this recycle/reclaiming wool! Woo hooo!!!

Keep stitchin.

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