Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Put a Fork in it!
Ok, all you crazed Twilight freaks ( I say lovingly, as I am one too!)... this is NOT-- I repeat --- NOT a Twilight post. I know I wrote Fork... But look carefully I wrote a singular Fork, not F-o-r-k-s. Anyhoots... put a fork in WHAT? Come on! Where have you been?? Haven't you been reading the past couple posts? Yes, Wallaby-ing-is-a-done-a-rooonie!! Yes!!!! Fantastico! I am soooo friggen thrilled to pieces about this here accomplishment! Finally I conquered a larger project. yes, the shawl catastrophy can now be laid to rest because I finally have stepped away from the mostly PORTABLE projects! You know what I mean, right? Hats, socks, mittens, fingerless gloves, all excellent undertakings, BUT I wanted something more.

Actually I dont know if I mentioned this in the bloggeroni at all, but this fabulous Wallaby ALMOST did NOT make it. For some reason or other, I got major league distracted while reading up the wordy directions. There was a little paragraph nestled within a page that strongly resembled the paragraph which followed. So you can kinda guess what happened, right? I looked up... for gosh a second or two.. must have lost my place and resumed it in the entirely wrong section. Yep, I wound up forgoing the alternating row decreases that initially help to shape that pocket-fest in the front of the wallaby. I wound up with this countrified overall-wannabe-wallaby. Rather grand, If I wanted to audition for some remake of the 80's Footloose movie... however for all other purposes -- it didnt seem to coincide with the grand plan of actually producing a replica of all the other WONDERFUL WALLABY's! So.. I had to rip back.... and reknit that fab pockety-overall contraption and make it more like the little handwarmer type thing that was intended. This actually meant reinserting a needle into the round, and i DID IT!! yeah me! Plus it happened to get a little hairy for me, as the yarn apparently split at one point and was not cooperating in the froggin department! Fortunately all of that is behind me... well, actually the pocket IS in the FRONT of the hoodie!

Can't even begin to think about going to bed now!
Too pumped up!
What to knit? What to knit? hmmmm...
I think I got a slight problem.
A little addiction?

Keep stitchin!

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