Friday, December 26, 2008

Nothing up my sleeve...
cuz technically my Willie Wallaby sweater has NO SLEEVES at the present time. It does, however, have a POCKET that is far outreaching the body of the wip. Just need to play some catch-up with st.stitch on the ol' body part and get that pocket fused in place! wooo hoooo!!!! It's going rather quick after a few false starts. This size FOUR is a delight to whip up, but anything would appear less daunting considering the fact that my first wallabying experience happened to be in the adult size!

The lovely Wii Fit is keeping me distracted - on a good level - as well. My youngest daughter and I have a little friendly competition sorta working up. It's a blast. The hoola hooping Wii-style is hilarious! It is almost as much fun to watch as it is to join right in the game!

In the same area of fitness, my eyes were opened to the Firm's latest contraption, THE WAVE. Soon Crochetlocket will ride the wave. Lets hope that I dont break my neck in the process! heeeeee!!! Just put in my handy order tonight and I am already counting the days until that puppy arrives! Woooo!!!!

Why the sudden inspiration? Who knows! Maybe it has something to do with my current running situation which has gotten, shall we say, -- BORING? Do I venture to go there? Even after tonight marks the monumental task of HAVING PAID for the TREADMILL! WhoA! I am Soooo thankful to fully OWN my treadmill! heee hee... But i must admit, that countless times running toward the same wall or whatever item is being offered on QVC, can be rather monotonous! IT's time to kick it up a notch or two! Have a little fun.... and do some supplemental activities!

Perhaps the chill in the air has caused all these strange thought processes to combust into an exercise frenzy fest? Who knows! Whatever the case, I'm gonna roll with it! I'm a work in progress.... and I intend to progress in my work---

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