Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Press'd for time...
Yes I have finally mastered the french press coffee scene! Fabulous flavor! It's pretty scientific, but I wont get into it. There's a special way to make it with the measuring cup and rounded tablespoon... and the key factor being that the typical MUG that I drink from ACTUALLY is equivalent to "four" cups?? Go figure!

All of the tribe is migrating around the homestead today, thanks to the local schools being closed for VOTING. The one good thing about VOTING, or should I say ONE of the good things about voting is the FREE COFFEE that STARBUCKS is offering! woooo hoooo! Makes me even more excited to get out there and cast my vote...

hmmm... did I just type CAST? Yep, but I didn't finish that with -on... yes, uh...no... no cast-on lately. Had to press down on the bun cover fest and get the dance studio box filled. Pulled out fabulous fun fur, and boa style yarns..... mixed up some creative colorways and got a handful of bun covers cranked out! phew... Need a kNIt pattern to undertake...

bought some washable wool for a hat pattern I found in the holiday issue of vogue knitting... however, I quickly learned that I do NOT have size 6 or 5 dpns! What is up with that? NEed to get out shopping for more dpns!

been toying with idea of creating "thumbs" on my newest PACSUN sweatshirt purchase.. but the yarn is sooooo thin! tempting... but i might have to contain myself and let it go!

enough rambling for me... need to find some pattern to get me involved! hmmm... or begin reading the next book in the twilight series.. so many choices!

keep stitchin.

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