Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Shrug This! --teeeeeeny tiny--
You know when you look at a pattern on and the other projects posted are listing the f.o. to be very small... Tiny... modifications were needed, etc.. Yet, somehow you decide to just go ahead with it because you have the yarn on hand, and the right sized needles... and your fingers are aching to do some quality process knittting? Well, that is what happened to me yesterday and into last night. I finished it.... and did for humor's sake- try it on.. and wah hahahahahahha! What a good laugh I got from this thing. Now I understand why one "poster" happened to DOUBLE all the measurements. I thought perhaps that was a little far fetched, but now I completely understand that kind of logic. But here's the GOOD news to all of this. My dd fits beautifully inside this teeny tiny SHRUG THIS! Yes! AND... get this! ... she actually LIKES it! She who turned her nose at items in the past, has been almost covetting the latest f.o.'s to fly off of my needles! I am quite surprised! Yeah! Once she gets home from school and puts on her dance attire- I will try to remember to snap a pic and post it!

Until then, keep stitchin!

Dagnabbit Rabbit!
Today I went to the Goodwill store with my darling parents... in search of a sweater to reclaim/recycle the yarn. Got a lovely soft rabbit fur blendish type of yarn... in a gorgeous light blue color! LOVED IT! Yes, LOVED .... it had cables which would afford even more yarn to claim! woooot! Well, one would think that would be the case. I was going so carefully on this... and trying to be so cautious with this precious gem.... Where is it now, Crochetlocket? Shall we see a pic of all the lovely balls of yarny goodness that you claimed? NO! grrrrrrrrrr....... Its in the TRASH! couldnt get a strand going..... and finally GAVE UP! That's it!
Although I would HAVE LOVED fingerless gloves or something from this ... I guess when it is getting the better of you, it's time to toss it in the trash! grrrrrrr....!!!!!!!! A part of me wishes that I KEPT the dagnabbit rabbit sweater to WEAR!

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