Sunday, November 02, 2008

Another feather in the cap!

Cranked out yet another Si Capitan hat... this one is for my mom. Let's see if it will get worn? Hmmm.... I again did NOT do the button band, as mom wanted the hat to be like the one made for dd... which also did NOT sport a button band.
I would have it completed yesterday, however I was on the phone while finagling the brim and inadvertently skipped a couple steps during the KNIT decrease rows... yikes! But that's ok because it actually provided me with an opportunity to sharpen my reinserting-the-needle-into-completed-row skill.
Yep, always a bright side to this knitting (lately). A work in progress, that's what I am. Still enjoying the process of the knitting!
Keep stitchin!

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