Thursday, November 13, 2008

Apprehensive bout spinnin....
Ok.. what's the deal? I was waiting my Golding spindle and now that it has arrived... I am terrified to try... Sorta like when I started cake decorating classes and people would ask -- do we HAVE to sift the flour etc... Well, after scoping around on the "intricate process" of spinning yarn... it doesnt seem nearly as "easy" as I once imagined it to be. It actually seems rather intimidating. Stumbled upon a website: that will be most helpful... got a couple pamphlets with my kit and a pretty handy book, but I just haven't taken that leap of faith.

Been busying myself with other activities.... Knitting away at the knucks, from time to time. AND reading up a storm --Twilight series! -- Need to get my hands on book number four! Aside from that... and implementing reinforcing consequences to a misguided middle child while she was undergoing a timely suspension from school... I haven't had the oppty to sit and try to do this spindly thang! But now is as good a time as any... I guess I really SHOULD give it a whirl.... oh wait, isn't there some laundry that needs to be folded and put away? Plus some general household chores to tend to? Yep, still scared... Still intimidated by it all.... Gonna go and scope out some more of the youtube videos and see if those will calm my nerves.

For one of the FIRST times, I feel as if I really need a class on this... a hand holding sort to speak. grrrr.... I'm a work in progress....

Keep stitchin!

Ok, So I did decide to dive into the spinning......... and I am pretty pleased with my effort!! Now I am hooked. Feeling the need to learn as much as possible. Seeking ROVING and more info on plying: .... Got a little sample of my yarn in skein form... BUT i didn't ply it.. Hmmm... what does that mean exactly? Still so much to learn. Love getting all involved in something so involved! ahahha!!
ONE KNUCK down! --with the exception of weaving in the ends!
I am loving the textured cuff version, and quite thrilled to learn yet another new knitting technique which is the CROCHET bind off! I chose to leave off the crab stitch - as I thought it might be overkill for these gloves. It will take a LOT of effort to get me to complete this pair, as I was not totally into this project. I still sigh each time I glance at all those stinking ends to weave in... and the holes to mend up between each darn finger stub! gosh! What a project. Talk about making a project out of it! Goodness!
I really did have fun with my Drop Spindle tonight! Started up another attempt.... trying to aim for thinner yarns. It just so much fun! To think I was NERVOUS! It's a blast. I want to acquire more of the roving.... but I think it is best to focus on practicing first! Practice with this starter kit..... Funny though, my oldest son was asking me about it. He was eyeing the "yarn" on the spindle and outright asks in a bewildering tone--- you're not really going to use that are you? I thought-- oh brother, here we go! He continues and says that the so called yarn looks like Jesus' beard! hahahahahahaahahaha! The things that these triblings come up with at times! Funny thing is...... I can almost see what he is saying - of course he is more than likely referring to the roving itself--- BEFORE it twists up? right? Either way.... classic!
I guess we are all a work in progress!
Thanks for reading and Keep stitchin!

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