Friday, November 07, 2008

Ordered Golding---
Learn to spin kit!!! I am sooo excited! Ecstatic! wooo hooo!!! Cant wait to try it out. Was looking online as to how to make a drop spindle... and then stumbled upon kelly pektun's youtubey video: I decided to try out the "professional" drop spindle - so as i could get a true assessment of the whole deal. I guess, if one learns to spin on such drop spindly goodness, then the transition to the wheeeeeeeeeeel is more smooth? wEll, who cares if that is true or not. As finances basically forbid me to haul out any cashola for a wheel, and no room in the house, and uh--- no clue as to what I am doing in that dept... the drop spindle seems just more appropriate to my current situation! A whole new world!

Still no knitty knit knits going on for me! Nor any crochetty "shay" "shay"... oh well..... this is why I really need to do MORE than one project at a time... for when one finishes, there is still yet more in the works... even more to tackle. But yarn stash is the major issue. Not adequate stash available.... plus needles... some dpn sizes are still not readily in the mix. So............. that's that!

But I have been finding plenty of household duties to keep me occupied.... you know, laundry, and cleaning and such. that's always so pleasurable! right? ahahhaha! Hey~it has to get done at some point!

In the meantime, keep stitchin!

______OK GROSS:
I ventured out to the Goodwill store tonight.... and picked up yet another sweater to reclaim..... let's just say-- my interest in this process is starting to fade. NOt very rewarding for my past two times!! This particular sweater at least had three large cool buttons, so I feel I got something from it... BUT as I tried to unravel the sweater, it was almost gummy?hard to explain... and there was a SMOKE smell that started to emit into the air... and it still has stayed with me... strange but true!!
oh well...

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