Monday, October 20, 2008

Ziggin along ~~~
The ziggy sock is still on the needle... the magic needle...oooooooooooohhhhh........ The colorway is sorta kinda less than desirable. It is like an unintended Christmas sock! NO lie... got red/green stripe-age going on at this point.. plus the colorway is meshing into one cuz it is quite similar for some reason. Wound up the same skein into two balls... who knew that at one point the colors would happen to be pretty close! ? What's up with that? I am far too lazy to break the yarn and start up at another point in the color way! Yep, far too lazy.... So I am just going with it. Not that it would require too much effort break it... but I am dreading trying to weave in the ends... considering all the strandy goodness that happens to be in the inside of this here sock! Forget about it! Have to wonder how it will feel against the foot? LIke I got something foreign in my sock? Or maybe it will surprise me and feel incredibly squishy from all those gazillion strands of wool? heeeeeee!

All I know is this project is boostin my knitting confidence... so much so that I am eyeing up some lovely mittens that have a heart design on them: Pretty groovy lookin, aren't they?

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