Sunday, October 19, 2008

Zig-zigalee.... zig...

Doing the ziggy socks.... with my new ADDI TURBO needle in the 40" length.... I was rather frustrated BEFORE I placed in the stitch markers... now I am quite entertained by the pattern! This was a FIRST time for the toe up procedure: Used the Magic cast-on... and followed along with the directions for the Ziggy socks afterwards: .

So far, so good!! But I dont want to get ahead of myself!!! Going to hold my breath and take MANY, MANY breaks for sanity reasons!!! Been toying with continental and throwing for the color changes.. to keep things in check. But haven't settled on a groove yet. Honestly, at this point i am contemplating taking a friend's suggestion and using the single sock for a STOCKING for our youngest dog! ahahahh! We'll just have to wait and see how it all unfolds!


Finally a fresh new book on the needlecraft shelves of my local Barnes and Noble! I absolutely LOVE when I stumble upon something new and chock full of youthful patterns! My youngest girl tries to be NICE and accept the knitted items that I produce for her! But I have mentioned before, that a majority wind up in a heap on her bedroom floor! Sure, she does make the request for leg warmers and such. But that's usually about as far as it goes for her! This book promises much more for her particular taste! There's a shorts pattern in there, that will be GREAT for what is fondly referred to as "booty shorts" which will be worn over her leotard at her dance classes!!! Plus a cute little workout top!!! Large, cuddly-looking Boyfriend sweater... which I love! Cuz hey! It will satisfy the urge for a boyfriend? ahahhaha! Maybe NOT! Give the appearance of a boyfriend with out the attached strings of a relationship? Maybe that will be a good compromise - as I dont particularly want her exploring that dating scene... so uh, here have a boyfriend sweater! hahaha! Ok, ok.. just having fun... Either way... It is worth a glance or two and if you have younger teener-ish child(ren) in your homestead's tribe... then I suggest you might want to go and grab a copy for yourself! Last I looked, there were NOT an upteen amount of finished projects on Ravelry... if there were, then it was only a few! BUT that is to be expected because this book is fresh off the press! Go get it, and be the start of something new... fresh... young... and stylin! Trust me on this! This book will be quite popular... and the finished products will be highly sought after by the younger set. Finally our knitting will be APPRECIATED! Thanks to Phoenix Bess!

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