Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Confession time! ziggish....
Well you can guess already what I am going to type right? Maybe NOT. If you guessed that I abandoned the project, you are absolutely CORRECT! However, I harbor NO GUILT this time and I do NOT feel de-feet-ed.... I learned plenty from that project. The two color - fair isle? - whatever it is called. There was tons of opportunity to practice following a graph! Plus that lovely Addi Turbo size 2- 40" length got a spectacular workout or break-in period. In addition, I was successful in my FIRST ever TOE UP... with the Magic Cast-on... Now that I have built this project up, why let it go? Ok, you see... I am NOT overly liking the short row heel.... nor am I totally committed to the colorway of my sock. So.. my heart was NO Longer in the project hence it was time to let it go and move on to a project that I would LOVE to do! Any more time invested into this project would be time wasted! I got enough "practice". Do I need additional practice on short row heels with w&t? Uh, yes, most definitely! But as far as I know, there is not a multitude of opportunities to practice such technique in a pair of socks. One pair, two heels, right? Onward........ time to trek onto a new pattern. Fondle some new yarns.... this one is DONE! Or better put, I am DONE with this one! heeeeeeee!

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