Friday, October 17, 2008

say it again.... MUFASA!! Ok, ok... why the silliness on my part? WEll because I went to my LYS and rustled up some pride.... Lamb's Pride.. who knew you could BUY PRIDE!? Well now you can! The next time a knitting project gets you down --- humbles you to no end --- and you feel defeated? Go scurry out to your LYS and gather up some PRIDE! Yep.... the colorway I purchased, SABLE, has one downfall... it strongly resembles human hair! It's squishy soft... and the distinct color of hair. Wondered quickly if this was an indian yarn... some serious by product of scalping? (just joking... dont get all upset -- and I apologize to the native americans, as I am a decendent.. no lie)... So.. anyhow... yes... I am knitting up a voo doo doll! heeeeeeeeeeeeeee! OK OK... really I am knitting yet another EAR FLAP hat and the stinking gauge issue is presenting itself upon me. Did the 4 stitch per inch... with this bulky yarn that specifically reads 3 st per in with 10 1/2 needle. The hat was too small... and didn't feel right..... Went up to that 10 1/2 and still not happy with results... which left me with the 11 circular and NOW it's 3 stitch per inch and so far, so good!

Also bought my FIRST official Addi Turbo needle! Got a 40" length and I am going to try the magic loop for socks! Will let you know how it all pans out!

----------UPDATE ----- May have FOUND NEW FAVE YARN!----------
Not for nothing, all kidding aside. I am really liking my experience with this yarn. On the shelf, at my LYS, it doesn't look like much to get excited bout. Seriously. But knitted up, in my EAR FLAPPY hatty goodness... well, it's one seriously nice looking yarn! Makes a WORLD of difference in the end result of my project! In comparison to the Shetland Chunky yarn... that I purchased over at ACMOORE... ehem.. this Lamb's Pride RULES! Now let me just put in a contingency over here, I HAVE YET TO WASH THIS ... and this might put a squash on the entire deal! hahahah! But for now... I am going to go and admire my FO. I'm loving this yarn!
hmmm..... maybe a dumpling bag is in my FUTURE! (It's the FUTURE. hee heee... Pineapple Express Tone implied).

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