Thursday, October 23, 2008

Recycled more yarn...
Grabbed a lambswool sweater... dark blue... soft yarn.... from Goodwill... and began tearing it up yesterday. Quite disheartening initially, as I was only acquiring small balls of yarny goodness.... must have cut the wrong little rip cord thing... BUT then I did manage to wind some pretty good sized balls from this sweater as well! So, no complaints! BLUE and Orange... two reclaimed wool colors....

Knit up a little penny sweater from Doggie Knits... however I did it in REDHEART yarn... which is durable but STIFF as a board! You know? It would have been much better if it was made from a softer yarn. But I didnt want anything too crazy expensive for the DOG! For crying out loud! She loves it! hahaha!! Well, at least it appears as if she does. Who really knows. At least now I know that the patterns are pretty good... I can move to a different yarn.. a step up from Redheart in the quality department and tackle a more extensive pattern from the book. That little sweater only took a couple days or so of knitting! Went out with my parents and BROUGHT my knitting. While mom drove... I knit in the back seat! Yep, I got a little bit of an addiction going on.

Combing the patterns now and debating what to cast on. Not quite sure! Tempted greatly to buy more yarn, but I have no intended projects in mind. Must go to LYS with an actual LIST and mindset of particular projects.

keep stitchin!

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