Friday, October 24, 2008

Fetch me some Debbie Bliss! Forget Vanna!
oK sorry to be sooo harsh to Vanna's choice... and I do realize it is all about choices.... Fetchings fingerless mitts are awesome... Have you knit a pair lately? Well, I knit my first pair in VANNA'S CHOICE yarn, mostly by default because at the time LYS was not open,etc... Now I have a second pair in the works; however DEBBIE BLISS yarn is the yarn of choice. As a born Redheart gal... who recently ventured into the LYS scene and "discovered" the non-acrylic yarn selections, I must ADMIT that the CHOICE OF YARNS MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE in the texture of finished fabric! It used to be that Caron's Simply Soft would make the FO more desirable.... well aside from the major pill-age that would be happening! Now I have been exploring further into the world of fibers.... and grown a sincere appreciation for Lamb's Pride and Debbie Bliss...Not soo much NORO... and quite honestly the Berrocco Alpaca hasn't managed to knock my socks off.... you remember my shed detest fest, right?

So........ if I were to be asked in re: to yarn choice... does it REALLY matter what brand you select, I would HAVE to most definitely say YES! Choose wisely which yarns you will use in your knit/crochet projects! There will be a significant difference in your finished product.

Keep your needles crossed in my favor, as I have to really wonder will ONE skein of DB be enough for this set of fetchings? We shall soon see!!!!! Keep stitchin'

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