Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Havin a BALL!!
The BallBand Dishcloth is usually one that I quickly eye and pass by on Ravelry's listings. I dont know why? Maybe it is subliminal intimidation? Just look at it! It LOOKS HARD!! A quick glance at it and I already ASSUME that it is beyond my knitting ability... color change etc... Forget it! Well, thanks to the photo listings and "reviews" .... where fellow ravelry'rs were expressing how EASY it is to complete. The pattern is FUN... etc. Finally in a moment of desperation, to have SOMETHING TO KNIT IN MY DOWNTIME!!!!, I began the pattern and WOW! It is EASY!!!!!! LOVE the results!!!!! This is a FUN KNIT! NO LIE! I LOVE IT!!! Give it a try ~ you might enjoy it too!

Wooly Bully....
Yes, I am a wacko... I openly admit this! Wandered on over to the Goodwill Store near my parent's home.... and rustled up me a wool sweater. Yes, second time for this reclaiming event.. first was a flop! Proud to report that the second attempt has been victorious! woo hooo! wooooooool! ahahhhaah! Orange... yep... it's a double strand wool... Now to find a pattern, check gauge.... and knit up something with the four and 1/2 balls that I have wound up from this beauty! I am quite thrilled! Did take a while to do this... NOT quite sure if I will do it again. Have to mull it over a bit and perhaps after the finished project is completed, then I can make a true judgement on the entire value of this process. But for now I will revel in the mere fact that I was able to successfully unravel a sweater in its entirety AND have something to show for it! wooooooooool.

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