Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Third Repeat of Luna-- is underway!
Trucking along... got the third repeat in full swing! Each row is now taking quite a bit of time to finish! There certainly are a LOT of stitches to tackle.. and NOW it finally hits me- WHAT WAS I THINKING? This is a huge undertaking for me.... Yes, bun covers, socks, sure... line 'em up..... But a huge lace shawl? Uh, hmmm... yep... didn't really think this through... Didn't realize the magnitude of the project. For experienced knitters, who by chance are reading this and scratching their heads in confusion, I bow to you. To take on these shawls is HUGE.
Plus this project has a way of humbling me .... I can get all confident and think I am getting it... I'm doing it! Wow look at me... I got it going on the needles - admist the daily distractions of life that are beckoning to interupt me.. and whooooo hoooo I am still going stron..........g? Uh, oh... wait.... I'm at the end of my row... and uh, what's going on ??? There's got to be an extra stitch hiding somewhere? What???? heeeeeeeeeeee!
Yep, humbled by this here shawl........ it certainly has a way of reminding you to FOCUS! Thank goodness for those stitch marker placements! phew! Tink tink tink.... that's what i do.... phew!
I do have to wonder if I will actually finish this project in time for my sister's bday? I am cutting it pretty close.... October 2nd is quickly approaching... and already I am contemplating the cast-on of a sock for soothing purposes! When I have had too much itchy scratcy yarn... and too much brain work..... a sock is a good shift in gears! A nice portable project!
well... got to get back to my daily routine. thanks for reading!

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