Monday, September 15, 2008

-- Luna Math Shawl --
Just to clear the air... my gripe is NOT toward the WRITTEN PATTERN nor the CHARTED PATTERN of the LUNA MOTH SHAWL... Rather my angst lies with my own distractability and negligence... AND the uh-- choice of yarn.
But I wanted to be sure to give a little tip toward this --MOthy - Math! I had posted a question in re: to how many repeats to do for each new SET of repeats... does that even make sense? Well, within the pattern - the rows 15-34 contain *10 stitch repeats* on each "side" of the shawl.... and these rows are repeated 5-6 times.... hence the 10 st repeats have to be repeated within the rows to compensate for the increase in stitches.
I was flabbergasted by this, for some unknown reason. Initially I was even confused as to WHERE To do these repeats? at the end etc.. Yep, I was tired... i guess-- or too much of a new lace knitter to know the difference? Too lazy to think about it? Well... obviously now I know that they are successive.
One "poster" gave me advice to just eyeball it... and see how many I could fit within each "side" before I hit the center. However, as my post from yesterday reveals... this "technique" did NOT work out in my favor! It worked against me! Because -- let's face it.... life can intervene with my knitting... so........ I have since "figured" out the mathematical pattern to this shawl..... I have seen the light... the LUNA Light..... yep....
For each set of repeats... you will add 4 total *10 st. repeats.*.... therefore, the first repeat of rows 15-34 (35-XX) there will be 2 addtl *10 st. repeats* for EACH side of the shawl... totalling the 40 increased sts.... There will be 3 TOTAL *10 st. repeats * on EACH side..... ..... Then the next set of repeats of rows "15-34" will have yet another 2 addtl *10 st. repeats* for EACH side of the shawl: totalling 40 sts.... ..... There will be 5 TOTAl 10 st. repeats on EACH Side
...... get it? 3,5,7,9,...... am I right?
Each group "15-34" repeats gains 40 sts total amongst the entire width of the shawl... which makes for 2 addtl 10st. repeats on each side..... NO MORE EYEBALLING.. NO MORE SECOND GUESSING.... .tie up some makeshift stitch markers and pop them in place.. as you go along.. this way -- if LIFE gets in the way of your knitting.. then you will be able to get out of your own way when you return to the shawl! You'll pretty much know where you are supposed to be in the pattern!
****the above is basically a reminder to myself, incase i tackle this shawl again****

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