Monday, September 22, 2008

Takin a break with some
Iced Coffee....
Who knew there were discrepencies online as to "How to make iced coffee"... look at one sight and it simply says to brew up a pot and transfer into carafe--- then serve over ice... While another site says to double the amount of coffee used to brew the pot.. and then dilute with ice. Ok... well, the second is what I had "remembered" reading quite some time ago and I intended to work off of my memory.
Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately for me, I did NOT actually remember it precisely... and I have created -(or perhaps altered is a better word??) a different version. In my attempt for Iced Coffee--- I use the Folgers coffee... either the caramel drizzle or the vanilla biscotti... and I brew up a NORMAL pot... no doubling of the amount of grinds etc... just a typical pot.... I savor the java goodness aka drink up a few large mugs to get my morning going until the pot reaches its halfway mark... at that point, I add in the ice to bring it back up to the full level... (ex: 5 cups remain in pot... add ice until it reaches 10 cups).... Once the ice melts, I transfer the coffee to a container (any tupperware-ish type will do) and store in the fridge. Serve over tons of ice and add milk... yummmmmmm! ENJOY!

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