Friday, September 19, 2008

Gimme Five!

Literally - please get me to the fifth round of repeats! will ya? PLEASE!!! I am at the cusp... just about there.... on row...29! --- of 34.... then It will be round 5, then (sigh) round SIX! GIVE ME STRENGTH! My goodness. It appears as if I am going to run out of yarn. I did NOT do the calculations for this shawl in re: to yardage needed... I left that up to the yarn shop worker bee.... unfortunately, I think that it was underestimated... how different can a dye lot of BLACK be anyhow? Should I be concerned?

At any rate... here's a picture of my progress..... the green yarn is just an indication of the CENTER line.. AND also to let me know the KNIT side.... Seems to really help out in this pattern! After all my efforts of making stitch markers, I am using SCRAP yarn! Doesn't seem right, does it?
Wish I could really stretch out this puppy to show you the full detail...... oh well... patience my bloggy friends.. It'll get there.. soon enough!
Speaking of puppy ---
My mini dachsund was barking quite a bit this a.m. and I just thought it was her usual antics.. You know... bark at the toy and the human will come on over and toss it. Well, this was continuing with a wimperish sound once and a while... So, I put aside my Luna Moth Shawl for a brief moment to investigate the situation. Wouldn't you know it...first a little insight: mini dachsunds typically burrow.... she apparently was trying to get all comfy cozy in my dh's fleece zippered sweatshirt. The sleeves have elastic gathered wrists... she had managed to burrow herself into the length of the sleeve and pop her head out through the elastic gathered wrist area, but was unable to back out of it! She was stuck... .snug as a bug in a rug... or a pup in a sleeve.. or hmmm.. pig in a blanket.... you catch my drift... She was literally nestled so tight into this thing... swaddled - was no where near the description. She couldn't move! It was a riot! * A riot because I was home... but wouldn't have been funny if I left for the day and she pulled this little "trick". Quite literally, she is a hazard to herself!* I should have photographed it for this blog... but then again, I wouldn't want the PETA police to boycout my post! heeeeeeeeeee.. She's fine... and the sad thing is that i doubt she learned anything from it!
Ipod hoody sock yarn version....
ok... got on the needles a little mini diversion from the shawl festivities.... I am attempting the Ipod Hoody in sock yarn leftovers! I will let you know how it turns out! Looks to be real cute.!
By the way, i added a new link list to my sidebar of this blog!!! It will link to yummerlicious recipes I have tried and that have passed the taste test of my scruntinizing tribe! The first one is in my slow cooker and we have had this dish before!!! YUMMMMMMY!! Chicken Taco Stew... real easy, real inexpensive!! REAL GOOD EATIN!

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