Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The END of the LUNA MOTH shawl!!!
Ok, for those who have been following my blog... dont do a happy dance quite yet. This time the END does NOT refer to a finished object, rather it refers to the finality of my attempt!!
Yes, I am a quitter in the Luna Moth department.
NO, I did NOT have a lifeline in place.
Actually I was on the final round -- yes, for those who know the pattern: the SIX repeat of the 20 rows... Just started with the first few rows of that FINAL ROUND! That's when the project got the better of me. Perhaps I got too arrogant and confident in my knitting ability? Maybe I needed a humbling moment to put me in place? Whatever the case, it is now frogged back into sheddy alpaca balls. I tossed them back into the bag from the LYS where they originated and threw then into my hope chest. I can't stand to look at them!
My hang up happened as I was approaching that center stitch.. stitch markers in place... and I fell one stitch short. After further examination, I realized that a few rows back I had k3tog too soon. Why didnt I keep an eye on that? Why didnt I check each row? I thought I was paying attention, but in actuality I think I was trying to rush it along. Trying to tackle too many completed rows in one night? After I tried my best to tink out the rows and got all discombobulated in my attempt. Finally I made the decision to frog the entire project for my sanity and the safety of the family! haha!
Seriously this project was about to get the best of me. Now I am walking around in my pitty party mode... and the non-knitter cohabitants of this household don't quite understand the angst that I am feeling at this moment. Actually I dont even think I quite understand it, it was ONLY a knitted shawl! For crying out loud, I sometimes feel like I really have to get a LIFE!
For now, I will have to go back to socks and such. NO more big lacey things for me. I broke the news to my sister, who was very thoughtful in her reply, and she THANKED me for trying to do it for her!
On to other projects I guess... time to comb through some patterns on ravelry and see what pops up!

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