Friday, September 12, 2008

Tackling the Luna Moth!

Wow! I am enjoying this shawl project...even though it did get rather hairy at one point. At the second repeat, I realized I had inadvertantly added in a couple of stitches? I tinked back and found that I did NOT slip the stitch over the k2tog! So... yeah.... easily fixed. I dont like to "just Leave it"... I am ONE OF THOSE who would rather rip the entire thing apart--- before I would voluntarily leave a mistake laying around in the midst! That's just me.... a stinkin perfectionist, when it comes to my knitting projects! geesh!

I am beginning the THIRD repeat of the project... but my neck is a knotted mess .... and at this point, I am doomed to make a mistake (or a million mistakes)--if I continue with this shawl-festivity any longer! But I did NOT get to KNIT much today! Imagine if I actually had more knitting time at my disposal today! wow! I would have really been cranking out the moth-arama -ala- luna! But.... tomorrow is another day.

JOIN ME --if you would like-- in knitting up this beauty... the process is MOST enjoyable.. I am utilizing the chart--- as the written was making me bonkers! It's a great challenge... that keeps one engaged!

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