Thursday, September 11, 2008

--Luna Moth Shawl--

In the midst of dropping my tribe-lings off here and there... you know, dance - the gym - library.. etc... the regular hoo-hah taxi-ing! I ventured into my NEW FAVORITE YARN SHOP--- YARN BASKET, Branford, CT--- and with the help of the very friendly and outgoing staff ... I was able to find the perfect yarn and bamboo circular needles to start up my attempt at the LUNA MOTH SHAWL.. Now I am NOT a shawl-wearer-type person... however, my sister is! So... If I am successful at actually being able to knock out this shawl, then she will be the lucky recipient - aka victim! She's actually foaming at the mouth for it, and has a birthday coming along on October 2nd... Now to think that I would be able to accomplish this for that soon of a date is rather boisterous - but I am going to make such a valient effort! Otherwise... those sleigh bells will ring as I toss her the shawl (finished or NOT-while we sit amongst the Christmas festivities this year!)........

So... having written that... where do I stand - at this very moment? - in the shawl dept? Uh, FIRST ATTEMPT FROGGED!!!! I did the cast-on without a hitch, glitch, whatever. Right? Yeah, me... But when reading the first chart - I stumbled at remembering to PURL rows for the EVEN rows! grrrr... I was tired, and today is a new day.... I shall overcome this little obstacle! I have searched high and low for errata to no avail. If ANYONE KNOWS of an errata, Please Please Please let me know!!!! ASAP.. haahha!!! Thanks in advance! I'll keep ya posted! Keep your needles crossed for me today! ok?

Oh btw... bday socks for my unsuspected dd are almost done.. yipppeee...... I have been knitting them right in front of her- while she awaits the glorious school bus! ahahhha... yet, she has no CLUE that they are for HER! yeah!

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