Sunday, September 07, 2008

Basic Child sock --
on the needles! AND believe it or NOT... it's REDHEART yarn! Yes, redheart! Grabbed this over at my local ACMoore... which I notice is selling an assortment of sock yarns. This redheard extravaganza has ALOE in it... which is supposed to be soothing and softening up my hands as I knit. lovely. The exact name is Heart and Sole.... with Aloe... There is also a Paton's stretch sock yarn on the shelves and a couple others that I did NOT catch the name at this time. But, this is good news.... cuz there lies the reason why I HAVE to venture into the discounty yarn stores now... right? No more of HAVING to only shop in the LYS for my precious sock yarn... yeah.... Last NOro adventure was $20 a pop for each skein... so, it feels good to spend quite less!

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