Thursday, September 25, 2008

CHAMBORD: french press...

well.... my brew station coffee pot is giving me some grief -- so I took a gander at the FRENCH PRESS collection at my local TARGET store! Yep, I am joining that "club"-- gonna take a dip in the press society.... taste the goodness of the java that has been pressed.... Lookin forward to the thrill of it! heeeeeeee!

Bought some clearance yarns at A.C.Moore's so that I can replenish the bun cover box over at the dance studio.... only got six made today. But that's a good start.

Also purchased some NYLON, crochet nylon.... I would prefere allhemp6 for knitting to make another everlasting bag, however I dont feel like ordering it online and my lys does NOT carry it. So sad. There is a FARAWAY yarn shop... but I dont want to spend the gas $ trekkin up there... So, I will have to see how this does.

Finished the sock yarn version of the Ipod Hoody and I am quite pleased with the results. Hubby's cell phone fits rather nicely inside it, but for some strange reason he is not in the market for such an item. hmmm... wonder why? oh well... I have PAH-Lenteee of sock yarn...somewhere... just have to locate my leftovers -- and start crankin out some more of those puppies! That'll keep me busy. What to do with them? Who knows! Who cares, at this point.... it's the process of it. Stick to smaller projects for now.

That's enough for now.
Thanks for reading!

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