Wednesday, October 01, 2008

"Everlasting bag" in Crochet Nylon....

Finished!!! woooo!!! DD desperately wanted to snag this bag for her school supplies, but I declined. As it stands, when items go to the well-intended youngest of my tribe, she inadvertantly winds up leaving them in a heap on her bedroom floor. NOT interested in that for this lovely bag has a purpose! I have joined the ranks of other earth-friendly shoppers and ventured into the land of BYOB-- yep, bring your own bag. I have taken the step into this, once an embarrassing concept, and have decided to NOT look back! The pattern is a free pattern from which snagged it off of My first bag of this pattern was created in a hemp version; however I must admit--- it looks like the hemp is NOT wearing too well. Appears to give off an "overly washed" look... do you know what I mean? Strange thing is that I have YET to even toss it in wash/dryer or any such thing. It just looks well worn? Go figure! But this nylon beast is shiny and new...hahah! It has some weight to it. The loverly handle-ramas are a treasured find from the Walmart clearance section. A whopping $5 smackers got me these fancified camo adjustable beauties! Fabulous! Let's just hope that this thing can carry its weight at the grocery store!

Going to pull out the DASHINGS that I nearly left behind.... and finish those! Been far too long of a hibernation period for them... and then, I shall have to find another project to keep my fingers busy. Although the bun cover scene is always an ongoing fall-back-to project fest! But I need something else to keep me in the loop! Considering scarves.... browsing the pattern selections on


done! FEZA fanatic yarn.... still have leftovers!

Just need to remember which is which.... for the cables... the RIGHT: the cable in back aims toward the right... and vice versa for LEFT.

... maybe, just maybe, I will find the other ball of this yarn and then I MIGHT be able to venture into the legwarmers that dd yearns!!


There is a vest in Knitting Classic Style that has caught my eye AND my dad happened to ASK me to knit him a vest this evening during our chat! Apparently he has a lot of faith in my knitting abilities... whereas I obviously don't seem to think the same!

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