Tuesday, August 05, 2008

WHAT??? An item that is covetted by one of my offspring? Say it isn't so! A knitted EVERLASTING BAG actually left the premises and ventured off to dd's friend's house! A KNIT ITEM in public? gasp!! Well, it actually got the thumbs up from the friend as well! Cotton yarn.... and an old plastic type pink belt for the handles!
The front panel is complete... it does zip along toward the end... I have put it down for now... and started up a pair of DASHINGS for dh! I had to get some sorta break! Finally using the yarn from my stash... feza fanatic yarn... size 7 dpns...
YARN purchase:
Ventured to yarn store and grabbed some NORO.... I HAD to.... as much as when I see and touch it... it feels like paper? right? Strange yarn.... now I am combing through ravelry and figuring out what to make. Although I do have concerns, as some post that the variation in thin/thickness is troublesome. Let's hope that I dont get some paper thin strand-ola... or I will be rather pissed! hahhaha!
Thinking MAYBE I MIGHT try to do the pomatomamattamusss one more time..... maybe this time I'll get it right? Although that is one pattern that requires me to be distraction free! hmmm... or Jaywalkers looked good in this yarn.... hmm... decisions, decisions!

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