Tuesday, August 05, 2008

<------- Notice the POLL to the LEFT....

No, not pole... rather POLL!!!! Please humor me and answer it..... As I think the knitting has corrupted what little sense of style that I have left! Help me before I go off the deep end because there is yet another TABI SOCK.. a geisha sock (sake sock?) on ravelry... (it sorta kinda calls my name)...



Fortunately for me ... I cast-on a momentary distraction, the BREA bag. Requested knitting/crochet supplies via freecycle.org and heard back almost immediately! Got a bag full of straight needles and wouldn't you know it, the size NINE that I lacked in my collection happened to appear in this bag, in two forms: plastic and metal! wooo hooo!

After I balled up my alpaca and started the pattern, I realized that the straights were NOT going to work out! They were working against me, as it was much to crowded. Had to use a circular and I was surprised to find a size nine in my (mostly sock sized) collection! woooo hooo!!!


~ALPACA-Goodness is a SHED FEST!

Berroco Ultra Apaca review:

Now about The yarn, it is SHEDDY. Yes, I admit it, openly, I am a former RED HEART girl and my experience with the "good stuff" leaves me perplexed. As it would seem that maybe a cat, or some other hairy creature, jumped into the pile of yarn as it was being spun up? Needless to say these teen tiny hairy substances are becoming airborne as I knit along and it can be quite bothersome. Note to self... do not wear BLACK and KNIT, plus do NOT wear LIP GLOSS when knitting... as that gives those little hairy escapees a place to land and nest! Must tame the alpaca! Perhaps my particular alpaca was needing some heavy duty conditioner to control the flyaways BEFORE it got the ol' shave.

The color I selected is a dark green... and now I am thinking that maybe a lighter would have been much better! As much as this will hopefully hide any obvious errors, it will also basically make it difficult to even see the pattern..... Oh well... that's the way it goes! Maybe if I become quite skilled in the pattern, I will go at it again with the lighter color!

But for now... I will continue to crank it out!
Thanks for reading!

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