Thursday, August 07, 2008

Get ZIGGY with it!

Ok... gonna attempt the ~Ziggy pattern from - wound up two balls from my NORO sock yarn... and already I am being anal... as one ball is bigger than the other! Wonder if that will present a problem? Will I run out of yarn? hmmm..... who knows! I am getting ahead of myself here!

one almost complete... just need dh to try on and see if the length is suitable for his liking... then it will be the thumb time etc.... So... it's on hold... for the time being....
*****update****** sized up dh's hand and cranked out the finishing touches on the left hand -DASHING..... YEP!! One more to go and my pair is complete!!! I am psyched!!!! Love that pattern!! Actually prefer it over the FETCHINGS that I did for myself!! If you haven't taken the plunge.... and you're contemplating doing them... I say GO FOR IT! The cables are NOT complicated at all!!! The project practically flies off the needles in no time at all!

~Brea Bag----
still rests quietly, untouched in a bag! ahahah! Cant get myself to WANT to actually cast on 126 stitches and mess around with them! grrrr..... I will get to it-eventually.... Just need enough of a break from it!

~A REVELATION of sorts:

Usually I dont have this much knitting activity going on at once.... And I have to admit, it's kinda nice to have different choices to jump to and prevent boredom! Plus then it eliminates the panic mode that tends to set-in as you finish a project and wonder... what pattern shall i do next? This way there is something always on the needles when you have several projects going at once! Now I understand the draw to that concept! I get it! I finally GET IT!

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