Sunday, August 03, 2008

Oceanwind knits yarn.... from LYS, Madison Wool. This project took me a long time to finish!

As the first sock has errors... the second sock is much better. The heel was done incorrectly in the first sock. I neglected to adhere to the fact that there was a COMMA in the directions. The end result was a heel of steel! vEry denSe!! BUT I wonder if that will actually aide in the wear of it... plus it made for a more narrow heel! hmmm...

The BIG TOE gave me BIG TIME problems... as I got somewhat confused. I believe there may be a slight error in the directions... after the provisional cast-on... I noticed a discrepency in stitch count. NOthing monumental... and can easily be corrected.

I wish I made the length of the Big Toe section longer on the FIRST (right) sock! The "hole" you see is NOT a mistake.. part of the lace pattern-but it happens to fall in the wrong place because of my misunderstanding of setting up the needles.

I would recommend this pattern to those who have a LOW level of distractions! haha! Otherwise... forget it! hahah! Don't let me fool ya... cuz I actually do intend to do another pair of these in the future... Although my oldest son thinks I am CRAZY! I dont know anymore... Has my fashion sense gone completely wonky? If only STACY AND CLINTON from WHAT NOT TO WEAR would come rescue me and give me some assistance! Oh well!!!

Until that happens... It'll be tabi socks and hand knit socks for me!


OH... BIG NEWs!!! Almost forgot... I LOVE FREECYCLE.ORG! I jumped at the chance today for a bag of vogue knitting magazines.... and I am soooo thrilled!! NOt only were there Vogue Knitting but also interweave knits as well!!!!! such fun!! they are from 2000---- 2002...etc... Hey.... I'll take it!! Love it!! Having a blast ---


Also got some yarn at yet another NEW LYS: THE YARN BASKET!!!! Berroco yarn... going to tackle the free pattern: Brea Bag! yippppeeee!


A shameless plug for the SUMMER KAL CAL:

Thanks to the Summer Kal Cal... I have been given some direction as to what to knit! Sometimes I need that kind of direction aka motivation!


Happy knitting!

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