Saturday, July 26, 2008

Step Brothers....
Ok... I admit it, I saw this movie..... and I refuse to feel ashamed! hahahah! Hey, I needed a lift! and this pathetically stupid movie offered me no other choice - but to laugh. Whatever the case, I got a kick out it!
Keeping Faith - Jodi Picoult -
Finished up on this read today.... and I am not quite sure how I feel about it.. It WAS a good read for a while there... but then it got sorta kinda mundane... Can't explain it, but i did find myself jumping ahead --as I was nearing the end of the book-- to see how many pages were actually left! and I wondered how are they gonna wrap this all up? The suspense kind of lost its impact at some point for me and it was more obligatory to finish, rather than desire to finish... And now.. after reading it, I wonder... Uh, were there pages missin from my book? Of course, I am NOT totally serious in that statement... but if you take the time to read the book - then you will understand.
Low on cash--- need a rental movie instead?
Then try: Mad Money
yes, the one with Diane Keaton, queen latifah and Katie Holmes! Rented and watched this one tonight.... and it was well worth the investment of my time. Got a good chuckle out of it! Quirky fun! My only regret - is that I didn't have a project on the needles to knit during this time!

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