Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ipod HOody! Love it!
Such a fun little knit project to tackle! BUT.... I have to wonder... does it rank up there with Tabi Socks... flip flop socks? Why a hoody for your ipod or cell phone? uh, beats me! ahahaah! I guess it is all a part of my fascination with process knitting? right? I found this groovy pattern on ravelry:
Knit iPod Hoody/Mobile Phone Cozy by Linda from clickertyclick. Used size 5 needles ~ and I have no clue what yarn that is! Some wool stuff from ac moore... nothing "ritzy"... and yes, that is beloved fun fur you see... heeeeeeeeeee! got to get me some of that, right?

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Zuleika said...

That is so cute! :-)