Thursday, August 21, 2008


Estimated date of completion! When am I EVER going to finish off the BREA BAG, DASHINGS, and NOT-SO-PLAIN JANE socks? hmmmm.... Bun cover box at the dance studio is OVERFLOWING with yarny goodness! There's thread, acrylic, fun fur --- in all kinds of colorful combinations. I ventured into bringing a thread bun cover to a local knit-in, however it took the entire time to complete it! I guess I have to count more and talk less? BUT that's no fun! hahaha!

The Brea Bag awaits a complimentary fabric to line the depths of its existence! I also need to finish out the gusset before I can even think about seaming those pieces together. OH joy! I am still NOT overly fond of the project. It looks sooo much better on the computer screen in the example on ravelry! I think my color choice has a lot to do with my disliking!

The Dashing is still just a single DASHING! I have not cast on to make the second! Grrrrr... Must get to that.

My puppy dog had a yarn feast while I was away knitting! Yep, he managed to get a lovely array of color all over the dining room and into the kitchen...... cotton and boucle..... all the makings of the bun covers... it was a tangled - chewed upon - mess!! My dh and dd attempted to ball up and salvage it for me. awwwww....

The NOT SO PLAIN JANE socks..... hmmmm... what is up with that pattern? If one has NEVER done a sock before.... or fairly NEW to making socks..., then I suggest he/she skip over this pattern because there is some wackiness in the writing of it. I sorta kinda just needed a rough outline and I am good to go; however if a hand-holding --needle guiding-- pattern is what is sought--- I say----- move on to another sock pattern UNTIL an errata is posted for this one! No offense to the designer! It just appears to be a little scrambled.

Edited to add this pic at MIDNIGHT!! woo hooo!!
**Even knitted during Pineapple express to get this puppy DONE!**

I dont know if I will finish these plainy things before the summer kal cal expires! But I shall make a valient effort!

The zippy ziggies are NO WHERE NEAR started... the two balls just sit and stew! NO further action has been taken. AS I am not overly fond of the yarn experience... my noro is rather bore-o to me... not as exciting with the color change as I initially imagined! PLUS it feels coarse as it "glides" through my hands!
I did squish up a ball of the noro sock yarn that was made with some silk action in it... and I am not so sure if that will make for a much better tactile experience. BUT at this point... I dont want to SOCK out any more money for an "i'm not sure about it" yarn!

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