Friday, August 22, 2008

Cha-Ching$$ Bun Covers!

Can I just say that I am sooo thankful for the opportunity to sell my crochetted bun covers over at the Dance Studio that my dd attends? Seriously, I am really grateful to the studio owner for providing me with an outlet! The $$ I make goes toward my dd's tuition at the studio and I am tickled when I see the children sportin my creations on their buns! Toooo cute! (Bun = HAIR buns.... fyi)....

Got a call tonight from owner--- letting me know that she has some money waiting for me! Yeah!!!
******sold-10- yeah!!!************


Noro --- casted on second sock!

I figure I might as well get it cast on.... and make an attempt to FINISH the pair.. Thank GOODNESS for the kal cal... for that continues to be my inspiration to COMPLETE my projects! (well, at least socks and bags!).... The second sock is worked passed the initial ribbing stage... and I am already on the leg part..... Not overly far into it... but, I am pleased with my efforts!



Unfortunately I have taken a liking to knitting LATE at night, when most of my tribe of children have fallen into a deep slumber! the house is quiet and there are almost no distractions.... so I prefer this... and have come to rely on it as an important means to relax! BUT I truly need to get back into a better routine.... one that is more conducive to the fact that I do have to wake up earlier in the a.m.s... and once school starts back up.... I will most definitely NEED to be awake even earlier! BUT at that point, I will have QUIET ---- almost too QUIET--- during school hours! So..... having written that... I am off to catch some much needed zzzzzzzzzzzzz's!


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