Monday, July 07, 2008

On the hunt for more ANKLET-type socks...

Before I have even finished the BREEZE, I am already contemplating the search for MORE anklet-type socks. I HAVE to--haha-- because NOW I am officially a part of the summer kal-cal! wooo hoo! Thanks Marly and Sharon! Have you taken a look over at the blog? Well, actually there are TWO blogs! Whoa! Two for one! wooo hooo!!! I am even more pumped up to knit this summer cuz i know I gots me some company! weeee haw! too fun!

So..... I feel the need to have some anklet patterns in my hand... got any? know of any? leave me a comment to point out your favorite! I would appreciate it!


For the time being, I am distracted as I type this because my foster d is murmurring her usual complaints... It gets rather tiring listening to such a miserable-by-choice child! If only she could master the art of crochet or knitting. Trust me, I have tried to teach such skills to her, to no avail! I guess I will have to muster up enough patience to try yet again in the future!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BREEZE UPDATE:

Re: Breeze... on the second repeat of the pattern... woo hooo!!! Can I finish it today? Let's hope! I would have got even more done, but my arm is soooo sore from the KNIT POSITION! no lie! all cramped up! Started the other day! Oh woe is me, right? hee hee..... btw, DS tried on my first sock! GASP! Ok... this boy has major big feet and I had a hissy fit when I noticed my sock stretched out on his overly large dog! GRRRRRRRRRR! BUT, I will toss them both in the wash (both socks, not sock and ds) and see if they shrink up a bit! that would be grand!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The final gust of BREEZE socks!

FINALLY FINISHED the Whirlwind of a sock called: BREEZE! wooo hooo.....It's comfortably spinning around in my loverly washing machine and soon will meet my friend the dryer.. heeeeeeeeeee!!! Cant wait to plop them on my footsies! wooo hoooo!! Until then, I am off to get on with my day.... well, what's left of it!


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