Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Noni --Just Pockets-- The beginning:

Yeah! I figured it out!!! woo hooo! It wasn't so difficult as my mind was creating it to be! weeeee!!!! Wound up another ball from each of the two skeins.... so that I could do the double strand.... Couldn't find a 24" length circular needle (11) at my joann's ---fIGURES!--- But it turned out to be a blessing in disquise...cuz I grabbed a 16" AND 29" instead... to see which I could MAKE work! Well, I used BOTH...... using two circs -- much easier to do with two!

The part that I was confused on....... all fell into place as I got the project rolling along on the needles!

WEll.... It's time to hit the treadmill........ as much as I HATE to put down the JUST STRIPES bag in progress.... I really MUST get some sweat-equity built up!


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